Walking the path of faith as a single Christian can be a challenge. Join us for a one day retreat featuring our guest, Dr Daniel G. Opperwall, author of “A Layman in the Desert: Monastic Wisdom for a Life in the World”.

There will be two formal talks, question and answer periods, a discussion session, and a snack and refreshment break. You are also welcome to join us for church: the Vespers Service starts at 5pm.

Topics will include:

* What is my calling – Marriage, monasticism, single?

* Acedia and Loneliness – Seeking God in times of solitude

* Obedience – A misunderstood virtue, and its place in the single life

* Taking examples from Saints

May 6th Schedule

1:00pm Sign in (if RSVP is received by April 29th)

1:45pm Introductions

2:00pm Talk & question period

3:00pm Break & discussion session

4:00pm Talk & question period

5:00pm Vespers prayer service