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When scheduling your confession please do so 24 hrs in advance. Please click the link to schedule your confession and chose a date and time available. Confession is always available during Orthos and no appointment is required. Please come to the front of the church and line up and Father will come to hear your confession.

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Confession: The Healing Sacrament

During Great Lent, and the other fasts of the Church Year, it is customary for all Orthodox Christians to go to confession to their priest. Properly this should be done several times a year, the exact frequency depending upon how often one is blessed to receive the Holy Mysteries and on the counsel and blessing of one’s spiritual father.

A young monk said to the great ascetic Abba Sisoes: “Abba, what should I do? I fell.” The elder answered: “Get up!” The monk said: “I got up and I fell again!” The elder replied: “Get up again!” But the young monk asked: “For how long should I get up when I fall?” “Until your death,” answered Abba Sisoes. — Sayings of the Desert Fathers

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