October 30, 2015 all-day

St Tertius was the second bishop (after St Sosipater) in Iconium, where he converted many pagans to Christ, and ended his life as a martyr. The Apostle Paul mentions him in the Epistle to the Romans (Rom. 16:22).

Saint Mark, also called John, (Acts 12:12), was a nephew of St Barnabas, and was Bishop of Apollonia (Col. 4:10). It was in the house of his mother Maria that the persecuted disciples found shelter after the Ascension of the Lord.


St Justus, called Barsaba, a son of St Joseph the Betrothed, was chosen with Matthias to replace Judas. He was a bishop and died a martyr’s death at Eleutheropolis.

St Artemas was bishop of Lystra, Lycia. He died in peace.

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