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When scheduling your house blessing please do so 24 hrs in advance. Please click the link to the region you live in and sign up for your preferred times.

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Getting Ready for House Blessings

Christ, by entering the Jordan, sanctified it, and with it all creation. Material creation once again became “very good” as it was in the beginning. The central sign of God’s sanctification of all things through the feast of Theophany is the act of blessing the homes of faithful Christians. The priest visits all members of the Church to pray with them in the place where they live, and to bless their surroundings with Holy Water. He asks God to have mercy on the house, to rid it of every evil and to fill it with every blessing. Thus the house itself, together with the members of the family, is “filled with all the fullness of God”.

To prepare for the priest’s visit to bless your home:


1) Make a list of the first names of those family members you wish to pray for when the priest arrives, with the living and the deceased in separate columns.

2) On your dining room table or family altar, place a lighted candle, a Theophany icon or icon of Christ, and a wide bowl (to hold the holy water the priest will bring). Be sure your prayer list is there, too!

3) Turn on a light in each room, so the priest can see where he is going.

4) Turn off all TVs, stereos, computers and all devices.

5) Secure any pets that might jump up on the priest or family, or “get underfoot” as you move from room to room. (Pets may be blessed, too!)

Everyone who lives in the home should be present and when the priest arrives everyone should gather around the table/family altar and join in the prayers. The children if old enough may lead the priest around the house with a lit candle.

Please remember that Fr. Christopher has a restricted diet (no wheat, gluten, dairy or sweets).

If you have any questions about the dates or times do not hesitate to contact Fr. Christopher directly.