“Make it a fount of incorruptibility, a gift for sanctification… an elixir for maladies, a destroyer of demons… so that to all who drink there from and receive thereof it may be for the sanctification of their souls and bodies…for the sanctification of homes and for every befitting benefit.”


Christ is baptized! In the River Jordan!

Those who are willing and able to receive Fr. Christopher into their homes and places of business so that they may be blessed may sign up now.

Because of the continuing health concerns, we ask that you fill out the attached form for each member of the household on the day of Father’s visit. Please be sure to cancel if any of your answers are “yes” on the form. In preparation Father asks that you do the following:

1) Make a list of the first names of the family members you wish to pray for, the living and the deceased clearly indicated.

2) Open some windows (if you are able to do so) and turn on any fans or air filters.

3) Please ensure everyone is wearing a proper mask while Father is present.

4) Turn on the lights and open the doors of all of the rooms you wish Father to bless. Turn off all TVs, stereos, and computers.

5) Secure any pets that might jump up on Father or “get underfoot” as he moves from room to room. (Pets may be blessed, too!)

Fr. Christopher will bring everything that is needed for the rite. Everyone who lives in the home should be present and when Father arrives he asks that everyone gather around a table/family alter and join in the prayers. A child, if old enough, or one member of the household is invited to lead Father around the home with a lit candle. Sadly, Father will not be able to stay to share in any hospitality in anyone’s home at this time.

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